Sincerely Anonymous

I asked people to share with me their reflections of 2018 and their resolutions for 2019.  People opened up about their challenges, their celebrations, their trials and tribulations, and this essence of vulnerability allowed me to feel ‘normal’. I am not alone. WE are not alone. It also allowed for me to feel more connected towards these people who shared these fears and feelings with me. Thank you.

How similar we all are; and yet, we always feel a sense of alone when struggling.

Remember, setting yourselves goals and resolutions can be exciting and motivating, but it is not a race. Do not panic. 2019 is another mile within our journey of life. Rather than focusing on your estimated time of arrival, have a peak outside during this next mile and enjoy the view- Hey, I have even gone as far as taking the scenic route for the next couple  of miles myself!

I wish you all a fantastic New Years Eve, and a happy new year.

You. Have. Got. This.

49101965_2280591362220770_1043691423888572416_nNYE3NYE4NYE1NYE6NYETo do more for myself

To continue to nurture myself physically and mentally.pngShowcasing research by the univrsity's community.pngNYE5

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